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Sandra LeBlanc

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Westdev Inc.

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Our Activities

Westdev is an international business consulting firm specializing in direct investment and joint ventures.

Westdev has over two decades of success working with Canadian companies to ex-pand their operations to numerous international markets.

We work with Canadian companies, particularly those in the energy industry, to locate and de-velop suitable business and project opportunities, and viable partners in the Middle East.

Our Services

Our services include screening prospective companies to ensure they meet the needs of our clients, introductions and follow-up meetings, advice on cross-cultural business issues, and works with local companies and government ministries, embassies, and other agencies.

We also work with companies in the Middle East who seek foreign companies as suppliers and for their expertise. Westdev also works closely with all government bodies.

Our Expertise & Strengths

Business and marketing strategy, and business plans

Identifying strategic partners and establish suitable contacts and associates, including legal and accounting, both in- and ex-country

Strategic alliances - project identification and company viability

Joint venture and technology transfer projects

Country, market and cultural research and analysis

International and domestic financing and investment advice

Coordinating meetings, travel, timing and follow-up activities

Risk management

Social responsibility

Examples of Projects & Activities in the Middle East

Large EPC company finished second for a $1.3 billion project on its first international attempt. Company went on to international success.

Complete business development program for a major process simulation and control company, including meetings with key decision makers in large energy companies

Complete international development program for an oil and gas services company

Analysis of pipeline transportation routes and options for an E&P company

Comprehensive study of opportunities for two major pipeline companies

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